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I’ve been waiting a long time to blog this family session, mostly just waiting for myself to actually build a website, and get a blog ready for, well, blogging.

Meet the West Family!


Momma Sarah is a dear friend and we work together making photo magic from time to time. I’m not going to lie, I was a wee bit intimidated to do this session. You see, Sarah is an immensely talented photographer with a style that is 100% Sarah. I love her style so much, that she’s my go to photographer when I want photos of my family!


This was summer 2013 and their family of 3, became a family of 5 for a few months. Sarah and her hubby Cam are foster parents. They adopted their son Seth a number of years ago, and when his birth mom was going through a bit of a rough patch, the West family was their to open their arms to Seth’s half siblings.


They were with them a short time, and they really wanted to have a special session to have memories for many years to come. The weather was anything but ‘ideal’, but it was pure magic! We danced in the rain, we jumped in puddles, and cuddled at the waters edge. Had there been the chance, we probably would have rescheduled to another day – but wow, I’m so glad we didn’t. I will never forget this session, and I’m blessed to know this family!


Freckles & Love,



It’s Alive… ALIVE!!! Years, and YEARS of procrastination and relying on the ease of Facebook (it’s been kind!) I’ve finally bit the bullet and have started the creation of this – the Freckle Love Photography webpage! EEEK!!

Much, much more to come – but I must run off and pick this cutie up from daycare.

Ta! Ta! For now <3