I love winter (sessions)!

Ok, so, admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of winter. I’m more of a spring/fall kinda gal. I find those are the seasons that we all relish in the beautiful weather that is just arriving, or just about to leave. It’s a very, very popular time for photo sessions too! However my friends, don’t leave out winter!
Snow is magical to me, and it’s light reflecting properties make it a DREAM for helping you look even more beautiful than you are. Seriously, soft, beautiful light coming at you from all angels… well, it can make even the most tired mom look fresh. The cold air roses up cheeks, and eyes become as glossy as mirrors. Really folks, the winter ROCKS for photography.


Sure, it can be chilly, and if it gets too cold we’ll re-book for another time where we can’t toss water into the air and have it turn to snow! But, getting all bundled up and having some fun in the snow can be a way to freshen up your photos with something a bit different. And goodness knows I love a reason to encourage some canoodling.

Check out the sessions I offer over here! I’d love to get outside with you!

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