I Heart Faces – Best Face Contest

Hey Friends! (Is anyone actually reading this stuff… If you post they will come… or something like that!)

I’m SO excited to be entering my first contest. I guess that’s another benefit of having a website eh, I can finally enter these great contests and share some of my favourite images.

If you are a lover of photography (and faces) check out I Heart Faces. It’s a great online community for photographers, new and seasoned, who help each other become better at their own craft. I’ve been following them for a while now, but this is the first time I’m entering one of their contests.

Of course, when I saw the contest was ‘Best Face’ my mind immediately went to my daughter. How could it not? In her short life here so far this kid puts out the most amazing facial expressions. And more than a few people have commented on her eye brow raising skills. HA!

For me, photography is all about trying to capture some moments of real life. A lot of them are full of smiles and happy days. And then there are the days where babies are fighting sleep, and mommies are on zombie mode because the last thing they would fight is sleep (sleeeeeeep, glorious, glorious sleeeeeep). The photo I’ve chosen reminds me of all the hours spent trying to get this adorable little munchkin to sleep. The rocking, the bopping, the nursing, the singing, the swaying, the cuddling, the crying (both of us).


  • Alishia - Absolutely perfect for the challenge! :) What a great photo.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - This is near and dear to my heart since this is the stage of life I am in….crying babies and toddlers. Reminds me to not always take the smiling pictures, the cries hold their own special memories too!!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - She’s a year old now, and goes to sleep quite easily most nights. Now I miss the times she needed me to help comfort her. Though, I much prefer the tender way she plays with my hair now, over the yanking that she did in her angry-sleep-fighting fits.

      I’ve got loads of grumpy baby photos. I don’t want to forget anything. Even the hard stuff. That’s where I’ve grown. You’ll make it through momma!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Who would ever think a cry would be so beautiful? I just love this.ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - It just takes me back instantly. I hope it will do this in the years to come.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - This is fabulous. I am past this stage and can look on it with a real fondness. Great great photograph! You will always be glad you have this.ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thank you! Already, I look back on it with fondness. She’s started to prefer not to cuddle before nap time. This is a time where all she wanted to do was cuddle.ReplyCancel

  • Erica - So perfect….the everyday faces, smiles, cries, and all the in between are beautiful! Great capture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - That’s what I hope for. To capture the realness, the everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Rikki Hatfield - No nap today! Great picture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - She’s never been a lover of the sleep. I don’t get it :PReplyCancel

  • kristin - i love this! such a great capture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - What a great photo and a great face!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thanks! I’m a fan of that face :PReplyCancel

  • skeller - This. is. AWESOME!!!!! You totally made me laugh. Boy, do I remember these days (now behind me by almost a decade). You will prize this picture forever! :-DReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thanks so much Susan! You do such a fabulous job of capturing your everyday. I hope to be able to capture our everyday along the way too!ReplyCancel

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