Firefighter + Nurse = one hot engagement session

Meet Justin the firefighter & Erica the nurse


These two are high school sweethearts – totally adorable right?!? Well, these guys were incredible in front of the camera. Justin pretended to be all shy and stuff, but as you can see that was all a bunch of bologna!
For their engagement session we went to one of the prettiest fire halls in the city. It was my favourite time of day to shoot, just as the sun was setting. And well, everything was perfect. IMG_0982IMG_1048IMG_1415IMG_1439

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how well these two do the dip? I mean, come on! Hubba! Hubba!;)(I made them do it again at their wedding too!) With Erica in her white dress, and Justin in his fire gear, this reminds me of that shot after the war in Times Square!IMG_1234

And… of course I’d like to take this time to mention, that I’m taking on a very limited amount of weddings for 2015 and 2016. If you’re planning a super fun, super awesome, super creative wedding in a super intimate location give me a call! I’d love to chat about your plans!

Freckles & Love,

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