Do you do weddings?

Being a photographer, a lot of people are curious as to if I do weddings. Well… I do! (hehe). Wedding photography is actually how I got started into photography (well, photography beyond flowers, and inanimate objects). And that was waaaaay back in the film days. I would take 10 rolls of 36 frame film with me. That’s kinda crazy considering how many images I take at weddings now.


For a few years I did a lot of weddings a year, then I fell in love with family photography and started focusing my business on that more and more. But, the romantic in me just can’t stay away from a good wedding. Each year I take on a very limited amount of weddings. BUT, I also assist other crazy talented wedding photographers too!


Being a second photographer is AWESOME! The lead photographer is the one worrying about getting the long list of photos, where I get to be more free. I can take the time to find another angle, to imagine a different shot, and to get creative with my settings. I work a lot each season with my girl Sarah West, she’s the owner of Captivating Photography by Sarah West. She’s a crazy talented photographer (check out her stuff here) and she to work with. Over the years we’ve developed a fantastic working relationship. Sarah makes me a better photographer. I also worked with Sandie and Lauraine of Sandbox & Lulupops (find their work here) this year too (It was through Sandie and Lauraine that Sarah and I met – FUN!). Bonus – all this experience being an artistic second photographer makes me a better lead photographer too!


So, while I don’t lead more than a handful of weddings each year (If you’ve got a super cool, unique wedding day planned give me a call! I love me a small, intimate wedding with a great love story!) I do actually photograph quite a few. Check it out!


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