• Well, Hello There! My name is Amanda – I’m a photographer and Chief Freckle Lover here at FLP. I’m so happy that you’ve found my own little space here on the great wide web.

    I love me all kinds of sessions. Newborns, they are so pure of heart, all that is good in this world. Families, what an honour it is to capture these little moments in your wonderful life. Expecting families, the magic and wonder of the little person growing inside (or a little person waiting to join your family that has grown somewhere outside of you). Couples, starting a life together, or celebrating love of years in togetherness. Weddings, the promise to each other for a lifetime of love.

    So poke around, see what there is to see and drop me a line if you’d like to chat more about getting together.

    Freckles & Love,

Meet Jamie & CrystalIMG_3109

Jamie and Crystal are some of the most laid back folks I’ve ever met. Jamie, a shy, but sweet guy, and Crystal a straight shooter (my kinda gal!) who is an x-ray tech by day, and farmer by night/weekends/holiday. They were planning a beautiful wedding day on the farm that I was more than thrilled to be asked to photograph, and we used the ceremony location for the engagement session.IMG_3077IMG_3152



Jamie loves Crystal, and his second love is this car. It was so much funto be able to incorporate it into these engagements photos – it even made an appearance at the wedding too! (Stay tuned for those photos!).


Gosh, I love helping a shy couple open up and reveal themselves to me and my camera.


Freckles & Love,


Meet Justin the firefighter & Erica the nurse


These two are high school sweethearts – totally adorable right?!? Well, these guys were incredible in front of the camera. Justin pretended to be all shy and stuff, but as you can see that was all a bunch of bologna!
For their engagement session we went to one of the prettiest fire halls in the city. It was my favourite time of day to shoot, just as the sun was setting. And well, everything was perfect. IMG_0982IMG_1048IMG_1415IMG_1439

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how well these two do the dip? I mean, come on! Hubba! Hubba!;)(I made them do it again at their wedding too!) With Erica in her white dress, and Justin in his fire gear, this reminds me of that shot after the war in Times Square!IMG_1234

And… of course I’d like to take this time to mention, that I’m taking on a very limited amount of weddings for 2015 and 2016. If you’re planning a super fun, super awesome, super creative wedding in a super intimate location give me a call! I’d love to chat about your plans!

Freckles & Love,

Ok, so, admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of winter. I’m more of a spring/fall kinda gal. I find those are the seasons that we all relish in the beautiful weather that is just arriving, or just about to leave. It’s a very, very popular time for photo sessions too! However my friends, don’t leave out winter!
Snow is magical to me, and it’s light reflecting properties make it a DREAM for helping you look even more beautiful than you are. Seriously, soft, beautiful light coming at you from all angels… well, it can make even the most tired mom look fresh. The cold air roses up cheeks, and eyes become as glossy as mirrors. Really folks, the winter ROCKS for photography.


Sure, it can be chilly, and if it gets too cold we’ll re-book for another time where we can’t toss water into the air and have it turn to snow! But, getting all bundled up and having some fun in the snow can be a way to freshen up your photos with something a bit different. And goodness knows I love a reason to encourage some canoodling.

Check out the sessions I offer over here! I’d love to get outside with you!

Being a photographer, a lot of people are curious as to if I do weddings. Well… I do! (hehe). Wedding photography is actually how I got started into photography (well, photography beyond flowers, and inanimate objects). And that was waaaaay back in the film days. I would take 10 rolls of 36 frame film with me. That’s kinda crazy considering how many images I take at weddings now.


For a few years I did a lot of weddings a year, then I fell in love with family photography and started focusing my business on that more and more. But, the romantic in me just can’t stay away from a good wedding. Each year I take on a very limited amount of weddings. BUT, I also assist other crazy talented wedding photographers too!


Being a second photographer is AWESOME! The lead photographer is the one worrying about getting the long list of photos, where I get to be more free. I can take the time to find another angle, to imagine a different shot, and to get creative with my settings. I work a lot each season with my girl Sarah West, she’s the owner of Captivating Photography by Sarah West. She’s a crazy talented photographer (check out her stuff here) and she so.much.fun. to work with. Over the years we’ve developed a fantastic working relationship. Sarah makes me a better photographer. I also worked with Sandie and Lauraine of Sandbox & Lulupops (find their work here) this year too (It was through Sandie and Lauraine that Sarah and I met – FUN!). Bonus – all this experience being an artistic second photographer makes me a better lead photographer too!


So, while I don’t lead more than a handful of weddings each year (If you’ve got a super cool, unique wedding day planned give me a call! I love me a small, intimate wedding with a great love story!) I do actually photograph quite a few. Check it out!


Hey Friends! (Is anyone actually reading this stuff… If you post they will come… or something like that!)

I’m SO excited to be entering my first contest. I guess that’s another benefit of having a website eh, I can finally enter these great contests and share some of my favourite images.

If you are a lover of photography (and faces) check out I Heart Faces. It’s a great online community for photographers, new and seasoned, who help each other become better at their own craft. I’ve been following them for a while now, but this is the first time I’m entering one of their contests.

Of course, when I saw the contest was ‘Best Face’ my mind immediately went to my daughter. How could it not? In her short life here so far this kid puts out the most amazing facial expressions. And more than a few people have commented on her eye brow raising skills. HA!

For me, photography is all about trying to capture some moments of real life. A lot of them are full of smiles and happy days. And then there are the days where babies are fighting sleep, and mommies are on zombie mode because the last thing they would fight is sleep (sleeeeeeep, glorious, glorious sleeeeeep). The photo I’ve chosen reminds me of all the hours spent trying to get this adorable little munchkin to sleep. The rocking, the bopping, the nursing, the singing, the swaying, the cuddling, the crying (both of us).


  • Alishia - Absolutely perfect for the challenge! :) What a great photo.ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - This is near and dear to my heart since this is the stage of life I am in….crying babies and toddlers. Reminds me to not always take the smiling pictures, the cries hold their own special memories too!!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - She’s a year old now, and goes to sleep quite easily most nights. Now I miss the times she needed me to help comfort her. Though, I much prefer the tender way she plays with my hair now, over the yanking that she did in her angry-sleep-fighting fits.

      I’ve got loads of grumpy baby photos. I don’t want to forget anything. Even the hard stuff. That’s where I’ve grown. You’ll make it through momma!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - Who would ever think a cry would be so beautiful? I just love this.ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - It just takes me back instantly. I hope it will do this in the years to come.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - This is fabulous. I am past this stage and can look on it with a real fondness. Great great photograph! You will always be glad you have this.ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thank you! Already, I look back on it with fondness. She’s started to prefer not to cuddle before nap time. This is a time where all she wanted to do was cuddle.ReplyCancel

  • Erica - So perfect….the everyday faces, smiles, cries, and all the in between are beautiful! Great capture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - That’s what I hope for. To capture the realness, the everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Rikki Hatfield - No nap today! Great picture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - She’s never been a lover of the sleep. I don’t get it :PReplyCancel

  • kristin - i love this! such a great capture!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - What a great photo and a great face!ReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thanks! I’m a fan of that face :PReplyCancel

  • skeller - This. is. AWESOME!!!!! You totally made me laugh. Boy, do I remember these days (now behind me by almost a decade). You will prize this picture forever! :-DReplyCancel

    • poppysmom - Thanks so much Susan! You do such a fabulous job of capturing your everyday. I hope to be able to capture our everyday along the way too!ReplyCancel